GET: tiddlywebplugins.tiddlyspace.handler:friendly_uri
Transform a not alread mapped request at the root of a space into a request for a tiddler in the public or private recipe of the current space.

output serializations

Provide a dictionary representing a tiddler, wrapped in a JavaScript function named by callback.
Transform the provided tiddler into an HTML representation of the tiddler packaged in a DIV. Render the content using the render_wikitext subsystem. Links to the tiddler in the wiki are provided.
Take the single tiddler provided and inject it into a TiddlyWiki.
Represent a :py:class:`tiddler ` as a text string: headers, blank line, text. ``omit_*`` arguments are non-standard options, usable only when this method is called directly (outside the regular Serializer interface) If ``omit_empty`` is True, don't emit empty Tiddler members. ``omit_members`` can be used to provide a list of members to not include in the output.