To quickly get started with TiddlyWeb and see what it can do, one option is to install TiddlyWebWiki. This means installing the Python package called tiddlywebwiki. TiddlyWebWiki extends the basic TiddlyWeb API to add support for using it with [Tiddlywiki Classic]( This is but one of a very large number of ways to make use of TiddlyWeb.

There are many different ways to install Python packages. The preferred tool is pip. This may already be installed on your system. If not you may be able to installe it with apt-get, yum, brew or similar tools. For more information on establishing an ideal environment for working with TiddlyWeb see Environment.

Here are the steps to quickly get started:

  • Install tiddlywebwiki
sudo pip install -U tiddlywebwiki
  • twinstance aninstance
  • cd aninstance # this is your instance directory
  • twanager server
  • Open a web browser to

If any of these steps fail, your Environment is not right and you should check there for advice.

The result you should see is a TiddlyWiki. When you create or edit tiddlers they will be saved back to the server and a notification message will display in the upper right of the page.

What you're seeing is the tiddlywiki representation of a collection of tiddlers generated by a recipe named default. TiddlyWeb allows different representations of multiple and single tiddlers that are stored in an instance.

Following the above links will start you on the journey of understanding the major concepts in TiddlyWeb. If you would like more detailed information try:

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